Eltern Fachkraftbrief auf Englisch

Eltern Fachkraftbrief auf Englisch Stand 23.06.2021

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Hessian Ministry
for Social Affairs and Integration
The Minister

Wiesbaden, 23 June 2021

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
dear parents, dear childcare professionals,

In the past few months, we have all had to accept noticeable restrictions in all areas of life due to the coronavirus pandemic – this has also affected child day care. You, dear parents and professionals, have overcome this long period together and helped to contain the spread of the coronavirus. We would like to thank you very much for that.
The current positive development of the infection figures now opens up possibilities for lifting restrictions. We are very aware of the special needs of children. For this reason, after careful consideration and against the background of the language development of the children as well as the vaccination rate of the persons working there, we have decided to dispense with the basic mask obligation for educators in child day care centres and nurseries in the area of child day care. The decision as to whether and in which situations the wearing of a mask is sensible and necessary in the educational work in child day care facilities and childcare is therefore up to the child day care centre providers and child day care workers on site from next Friday, 25 June 2021. They can lay down appropriate regulations within the framework of their hygiene plans. In addition, the hygiene concept of the state will be adapted and stipulate that all visitors should wear a medical mouth-nose covering from the moment they enter the child day care centre.
The updated hygiene concept will be published on our homepage in due time.

We also know how difficult the restrictions on childcare hours were and are for many families. Care in closed groups poses great challenges for both families and professionals. The current favourable infection situation allows us to work in open or partially open concepts again, as long as the staffing situation on site permits. This transition will require some organisational lead time. We assume that from Monday, 5 July 2021, care in closed groups will be terminated and regular operation can take place across the board in compliance with hygiene measures.
At the same time, we would like to expressly ask you to remain vigilant and prudent in order not to jeopardise the progress that has been made. We are not yet able to fully assess the impact of the new Delta variant. Should the number of infections rise again, renewed restrictions may also become necessary. Entry bans for childcare services for sick children and adults as well as for quarantine cases remain unchanged.
Many professionals working in child day care are now fully vaccinated and thus protected against a severe course of the disease. Nevertheless, vaccinated or recovered people can still fall ill and transmit the virus, even if the probability is considerably lower. The RKI therefore emphasises that adherence to the distance and hygiene rules is still required even for vaccinated and recovered persons. Therefore, we will continue to offer self-tests for you, dear professionals in child day care, initially until the Hessian autumn holidays, and ask you to make use of them.
Even though we can be happy about the great relief in child day care that is now possible, I appeal to all of you to continue to face the pandemic responsibly and to remain cautious. I ask you, dear parents and dear professionals, to continue to behave in such a way that you do not expose yourself or anyone else to avoidable risks of infection. There is cause for optimism, but not for recklessness.
Take extra care during encounters and please take up an offer of vaccination as soon as you receive it!

With mutual consideration and cohesion, we will hopefully succeed together in maintaining what we have achieved beyond the summer and will be in a position of being able to continue the regular operation of child day care centres in the long term. It is up to all of us.
With kind regards,
Kai Klose

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